Helpline: 253-531-2366



Recently, a young woman named “Jennifer” walked into Love’s Treasury asking for assistance from our helpline. One of our staff member was able to talk and pray with her, and she filled out our application for assistance. When we received her whole story, we could see that God was truly at work, meeting her need in so many ways. Here is part of her story:

“I recently moved to Tacoma after my mother passed away to try and “deal” with it. I have continued to face many struggles since my daughter and I came here, including getting an apartment in a bad area that was too much for me to afford, my hours getting cut at work, spiritual doubts about my faith. I’m trying to make good things happen… (but) everything seems to go wrong every time. I felt like breaking last week and turned into the first Christian church I saw and just talked for two hours and realized that I don’t have control of everything. I have tried to ask for resources and help, but no one ever calls me back. I attended church this morning with my daughter and remembered what my mom always told me: just give it to Him… I am trying to do everything I can and sometimes I just need to give it to Him. The message in church this morning was exactly what I needed to hear. You can’t only call on Him when you need something, it doesn’t work that way. I need to forgive my mother and get my relationship back with God or I will not be able to succeed. That’s the main thing I’m trying to work on for now. I understand if you are unable to help and it will be what it will be. But if you could please reply to let me know this was received. Thank you for your time. Prayers would be greatly appreciated too.”

After completing our intake process, we were able to help meet the financial need of this young lady. But what is more important is that she is now being consistently ministered to at a church where she can be loved and work through the holistic need of her life. Glory to God for taking care of our needs!