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At the beginning of the month, we received a call from a client named “Britta.” Britta and her husband had two children, quite spread apart in age – a 19 year old in college and a 3 year old son with disabilities. Britta called Love INC, just to see what resources we had offer.

Upon talking to her, she expressed how much stress was in their lives. The stress of adjusting her life around caring for her son’s special needs was compounded by their low income. The family needed clothes, pull-ups, and household cleaners, but did not have the resources to get them.  After talking, she thanked me for just listening to her vent. What Britta didn’t realize was that she was doing more for me than I was doing for her. As a Client Manager at Love INC, I have found that through listening to others and offering resources, joy overflows in my life. Helping others gets me out of my own stress.

I gave Britta some numbers to call to receive clothing – she followed up by calling, that was her part. On my end, I then emailed one of our networking churches, South Hill Baptist, for Personal Care Pantry items (to help with household items). Thankfully, Britta was able to get the things she needed before the snow storm hit.The church happened to be a couple blocks from her house. She was very grateful! God is good all the time.