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From the Executive Director

Note: This program is no longer being hosted by Love INC. But in the same developmental compassion model, we are currently running Jobs for Life

We offer 15 week workshops to either train trainers or to use as a step by step, life planning workbook for people in poverty that brings together three primary influences:

  • Dr. Ruby K. Payne’s work on the hidden rules of class.
  • Research on knowledge transfer
  • The knowledge of participants living in poverty.

The goal of Getting Ahead is to help you create your own path for making a stable secure life for you and your family. In going through the workbook, you aren’t going  to be handed a plan and told to follow certain steps. We know that all people  have  their own story and everyone is different. For that reason, it’s important that  each person create his/her own plan. We’re all living out the stories of our lives. Part of that story comes from our past, from where and how we live, from the people in our lives, from history and from world and national events. Who we are today was decided by what we did yesterday; who we’ll be tomorrow is decided by what we do today. Whether we know it or not, we’re all creating our future stories right now.  You can use Getting Ahead to help create your future story.

For information about our class contact Sherry at 253.468.6236.

Blessed to be a blessing,

Sherry Phinisey