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From the Executive Director

In October Pierce Transit reduced its budget by 20%. I am not sure of the exact routes, but I know there is not much transportation in East Pierce County to begin with. Love INC would like to start a transportation ministry for people who need rides to medical appointments in East Pierce County, but cannot find a ride.

Recently, I was reading in Matthew 25 about how we minister as unto Jesus. His own words were, “I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink; I was sick and you cared for me.” Then I thought of how the Good Samaritan cared for the injured man on the side of the road and one of the things he did was gave him a ride to get more help and recover.

In connection, we are looking for volunteers from across the churches who would like to help us start up this transportation ministry in East Pierce County.These would be volunteers who would pick people up and take them to their appointment. Depending on how long the appointment is, you would wait for them and bring them back home; otherwise, we would schedule a second driver for the pick up time.

What a great way to build relationships in the community and share the Love of Jesus with someone who is ill! We will be writing up guidelines for the ministry and have a meeting for all the volunteers before we do a kick off.

If you are interested you can fill out our Volunteer Application. Just click “Volunteer Application” under the “Applications” tab.

By the way, do any churches have vans that maybe they could loan for this ministry during the week? Just a thought…

Blessed to be a blessing,

Sherry Phinisey