Helpline: 253-531-2366



The Love INC Clearinghouse is the heartbeat of the ministry. It is the internal working of the ministry, out of which flows the lifeblood of the rest of the work. Here the focus is the person in need, not just their expressed need. The Clearinghouse is connecting agent between the person in need and those serving them (churches, agencies, and other resources).

Because we know the resources in the community, we strive to use them as opposed to recreating them in various areas. Within the Love INC movement, this is the mechanism that we use to mobilize our volunteer base. The process used identifies, places, trains, and nurtures volunteers to serve in manageable and successful opportunities.

In short: The Clearinghouse is foundational to the Love INC movement. Without the Clearinghouse, the ministry would cease to exist.

  1. Client calls with a need
  2. Intake Advisers interview the caller to get the details of their request
  3. Advisers then clarify and discern that the need is specific, manageable, and legitimate
  4. Love INC then refers the client to agencies (who help with specified need) or partner churches (who have notified us that they will help)