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Jesus calls us, the Church, to love our neighbors as ourselves. Love INC’s mission is to mobilize the Church in Pierce County to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. That means that our sole purpose is to enable the Church to serve our neighbors and love them as Christ loves them. This most often looks like meeting practical needs.

There is an order to the way things work here at Love INC – we serve the church – the church serves those with needs.

Love INC affiliates, through the church volunteers, serve anyone with a manageable need in their service area. A manageable need means that the people and resources identified and available from the local churches (or community agencies, charities or ministries) exist to address the need. Not all requests for help are manageable for a variety of reasons.


Love INC is about providing a hand up and not just a hand out. Although there is a time and place for providing hand outs (for example in crisis and disaster relief situations), Love INC is not a crisis intervention or disaster relief ministry.

Love INC’s primary focus is helping the church transform people’s lives (physically and spiritually) so they can break the dependency cycle they are in. We seek to engage and hold accountable people receiving help, and work with them to strengthen the assets they have and develop new ones that allow them to break the cycle of poverty and dependency they find themselves in.

We call this developmental compassion (as opposed to the traditional charity compassion so prevalent in our society today).