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There has been some amazing opportunities, “divine appointments” I like to call them in the past two weeks at the bookstore. I’d like to share them with you periodically. The names will be changed of course to protect the people who shared their day and a little of their lives with us.

(Mary) came in the other day. There is a way somehow to read people, and I could see Mary has had a rough life. She walked around with walls up, was very critical of a lot of things and just seemed to find it easier to shut people out, then to let them in. We were the only ones in the store so we struck up a conversation and she shared how she had this terminal illness, there was no treatment for it but she was going through some experimental treatments anyway.

Maybe if it can’t help me, someday someone can get something out of this. She said she’d been going through treatments for over five years I think and never once had her daughter in her 40’s been to visit her. She even mentioned someone told her they’d seen her daughter living in her car. Mary’s response, “Why should I care, she doesn’t care about me?”  Mary was looking for a bible. She said she had been raised Catholic, but hadn’t gone to church for a long time. She’d tried her daughters church but they weren’t to her liking, I can’t recall why… she said she was going to start taking a bible study class and needed this bible. We found her one. I asked if she could wait a minute, I had something I wanted to give her.

I got one of the “Holding Crosses” that our volunteers make and I took it out of the bag as I was next to her and put it in her hand, then read the card to her. It said, “We have prayed for you, that the holder of this cross will feel God’s Love and that you know God would never leave you, nor forsake you. May He give you His peace in your life and calm your storm”.

As I read this, my hand on her shoulder, you could just see her whole demeanor soften and that wall I saw before, gone. It was so real, though no picture could have seen the wall, I did. For a moment, Mary felt God’s love. I felt it too. I asked her if she’d sign my guest book and leave her email address for me to keep in touch. “Only if you don’t sell the addresses”, she had that hardness about her again, her protective coating up. I don’t share them with anyone I told her, it’s just for me.

I was so excited too,  that Mary was going to be involved in a bible study. Pray for her, that God would make himself so real to her that she knows even if others abandon her, He will never leave, nor forsake her. He loves her with an everlasting love. He brought her to our bookstore and put me there for such a time, to be able to get His message to her. I pray we all recognize those divine appointments as we go through the course of our day.