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Rainier View

May 23, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

Last year the leadership at Rainier View Christian Church began to evaluate our benevolence programs. We felt discouraged and frustrated that our efforts to help the financially poor in our community was doing little to change the lives of the people we were trying to help. Like many churches, we desire to care for people from all walks of life and introduce them to Jesus Christ. But we were left feeling like our efforts did not result in lasting change and was a poor use of our financial resources. We needed a new approach to helping people in financial need.

We discovered we were not the only ones looking for a new approach to assisting the financially poor. The board of Love INC was also evaluating their efforts to minister to individuals and families in need. Love INC of Pierce County’s Executive Director, Sherry Phinisey, told us about a jobs preparedness program called “Jobs for Life.” Since we have supported and partnered with Love INC for years, we were excited for the opportunity to partner with them to host the first Jobs for Life program in the fall of 2012.

As the Parkland Pastor of Rainier View Christian Church, I have been encouraged by the positive effect Jobs for Life has had on our community. Jobs for Life is not only helping us transform the lives of the financially poor in our community, but is also helping us change our hearts for people in need. It was amazing to witness the transformation of the students who completed Jobs for Life and moved from lacking confidence and employment to confident and employed!

One of our own church members is a graduate of our first Jobs for Life program and is now employed as an IT technician for the VA call center. The mentors, business relations champions, and site hosts from our church also grew from this experience and are looking forward to our next season of Jobs for Life.

I would recommend the Jobs for Life program to any church or organization that is looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of people who are financially poor. The Jobs for Life program is a great way to invest in the community and the lives of others.


James Floyd

Rainier View Christian Church, Parkland Pastor