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Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life Training provides the ability to connect to and care for root issues of the heart and provide practical building blocks to healthy character. Through a strategy that combines work readiness training, Biblical principles, and volunteer mentoring, JFL teaches key workplace essentials to finding and keeping a job with training topics that include:


Attitude, Respect for authority, Conflict resolution, Teamwork, Perseverance, Effective communication, Integrity, Excellence, Vocational Planning, Job search techniques, Building a resume, Interviewing skills and Customer Satisfaction.

Jobs for Life in an interactive, biblical-based curriculum designed as a 16 session / 8 week training course (2 hour sessions). Students are encouraged to take ownership of what they learn through:

  • Class instruction and discussion (JFL Instructors)
  • Small groups ( JFL small group discussion Leaders)
  • One- on One (JFL Champions- Mentors)
  • Individual study
  • Business and Community involvement

In addition to the training, each student has a JFL Champion – a mentor or group of mentors – who provide support during the training and who model in their personal lives the life principles taught. The impact JFL champions have on students is significant, as students: Remain in JFL longer, Increase odds of securing a job by 73%, and increase odds of retaining employment by 56%.

Through this program we hope to:

  • Engage people who are broken and vulnerable at their point of need
  • Transform lives beyond temporary hand out assistance
  • Deliver a valuable service to the local business community
  • Provide a life-changing solution to a devastating community problem
  • Engage Volunteers un purposeful outreach

Engage businesspeople in productive community service