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Here in Pierce County, Love INC is implementing JfL’s job training and support strategy enabling unemployed and underemployed individuals to obtain and maintain meaningful employment. This is where YOU and your business come into play. Jobs for Life is an enormous benefit to the individual, the community, and your business. Learn more by reading through our Community Partners packet.

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Why should a business look to a JfL site for potential employees? By connecting to JfL sites in the area, businesses gain access to potential employees who have been:

  • Screened: Each student has participated in the 16 session JfL course and has been observed and evaluated by the course leaders during that timeframe.
  • Qualified: In order to graduate from a JfL class, students must fulfill all requirements to demonstrate they are ready for work. Therefore, businesses can be assured that a JfL graduate has proved that he or she has the character and values necessary to be a quality employee.
  • Supported: JfL graduates receive ongoing support and encouragement from their mentors to help them overcome any barriers stopping progress. Employers that hire JfL graduates can access this support system as needed to ensure the new employee’s success and help the company to focus its energy and resources on what it does best, running its business.


JfL sites train individuals in basic life and work readiness skills through JfL’s 16 session training course which covers topics such as:

  • Understanding my life journey and my value as an employee
  • Overcoming roadblocks to success
  • Perseverance, positive attitude and conflict resolution
  • Succeeding through adversity
  • Integrity in the workplace
  • Effective communication skills and customer satisfaction
  • Developing a vocational plan and a stellar resume
  • Managing employer expectations
  • Being responsible for my actions