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Every day some person is knocking at the door of the church looking for help. They may feel they have no where else to turn. In an effort to help them, churches refer them to us to screen and see if the needs are specific, legitimate and manageable. We would then connect the person with an agency that is set up to help with certain things, or we connect with a church to fill in the gaps when agencies can’t meet the needs.

We have been diligent to add over 90 new donors this year who have given gifts to the ministry to help support our operational expenses, but our income is still over $8000 less then it was at this time last year. For a little ministry that has a huge impact. We are getting over 300 families calling each month for help and we try to refer them to agencies to help, but when agencies fall short, we try to recruit our churches to fill in the gaps and the gaps are getting bigger and bigger.

Please consider a special donation to help us meet our operational expenses. Your check can be sent to

Bridges of Love NW
PO Box 731747
Puyallup, WA 98373

Thank you in advance for your partnership in ministry!

Sherry Phinisey