Helpline: 253-531-2366



  • We have written policies in place to address client emergency assistance and financial assistance situations.
  • An intake is conducted and requests are reviewed as to their nature, extend, and legitimacy.
  • All client interactions are conducted with respect to the inherent dignity and worth of every person.
  • Clients receive a timely determination as to the type of referral and resources they will receive.
  • Clients are connected to agencies, church ministries, and or church volunteers to help meet their needs.
  • Clearinghouse services and church resources are available to all people, without discrimination.
  • Client matters are not shared or discussed with those who are not involved in the helping process.
  • Clearinghouse volunteers receive an orientation to Love INC, appropriate training for their position and are placed in appropriate positions.
  • Clearinghouse volunteers are recognized for their service.
  • The board, staff, and volunteers are committed to the continuous improvement of Clearinghouse operations.
  • We will recruit partner churches from a broad spectrum of Christian church denominations.
  • That we will ask churches to participate with resource inventories so that information is compiled and used in the Clearinghouse.
  • We will ask that partner churches hold an annual Love INC day with a talent tithe, individual volunteers to sign up using their gifts, and talents to help both inside and outside the church body.
  • We will expect there to be a point person or Love INC ministry coordinator in the church who will be the liaison between the members of the church and Love INC.