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WHAT IS LOVE INC: Ministry Model


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Love In the Name of Christ is a proven model that networks local church ministries and church volunteers, across denominations, to help people in need. Through Love INC, churches and individual Christians are mobilized to work together, along with community organizations and government resources, to provide coordinated help to the poor and needy.

But more than merely providing goods and services, Love INC aims to meet people’s needs with the love of Jesus Christ. Through Love INC, Christians are living out who they say they are by putting their faith in action and providing help, hope, and God’s love to neighbors in need. They are building caring relationships with those who are struggling, and moving beyond the expressed need to help address the underlying issues that contribute to poverty and hopelessness.

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  • Unifies the Body of Christ by bringing local churches together and coordinating their vast resources of expertise, talent, time, and product.
  • Empowers volunteers to use their gifts and talents for legitimate, manageable service opportunities.
  • Oversees a central Clearinghouse to receive, screen, clarify, and resource needs, tracking client history for reference.
  • Develops a working knowledge and awareness of existing community resources, identifying service gaps, and pursuing possible solutions.
  • Receives, inventories, and resources a variety of donated products and coordinates gift-in-kind donations from local businesses.
  • Provides free services and donated products to assist families with both immediate and long-term help.
  • Transforms lives by offering life-changing opportunities through accountable incentive-based long-term programs that move people from need to living independent, full lives.
  • Promotes good stewardship by focusing on the person not just their expressed need, seeking to offer people a hand-up, not just a hand-out.
  • Offers unique value to the Church because no other business, entity, or organization has the manpower, resources, time, or expertise to proved this type of voluntary service – only the unified Body of Christ.

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Vision & Mission || Core Values || Defining Difference || Our Story